The making of our Unique gin

The start of a new year is always a time of reflection on the year gone by. We are immensely grateful for our 'unique' partnership throughout 2023. Our wish for you is to kickstart the new year in high spirits, toasting with our Unique gin. This exclusive gift symbolizes our excitement for a sparkling 2024, full of moments as special and distinct as our collaboration. Cheers to a year of unique experiences and joyful celebrations!

Are you eager to discover the flavours we've selected for you? Delve into the story behind our Unique gin, a blend that presents a stunning combination of tastes, handpicked by our executive team.

Our team comprises three dynamic leaders, each with a distinct ‘Unique’ personality. They each selected various flavours, which were then harmoniously blended into our Unique gin: the result of a surprising seventeem aromas.

An Aelbrecht, our Managing Director, drew inspiration from elements that resonate with the Unique Starbrand. She chose matcha, reflecting our affiliation with a Japanese group, and quinoa, symbolizing our commitment to sustainability. She also selected chili, passionfruit, and centaurium ("duizendguldenkruid") to represent our teams’ courage, passion, and invaluable contribution. Musk-mallow was added as a tribute to our dedication to ensuring that our collaborators thrive and flourish.

Wendy Goeminne, our Finance Director, infused her personal memories and life experiences into her choices. Coffee, reminiscent of her husband, and mango, a favourite of her children, were her initial picks. She then journeyed through flavours, choosing voatsiperifery from Madagascar, Nigella from the Middle East, and Habanera from South America, representing her travels. Her personal touch was magnolia, a much-beloved scent, and the essence of hay, reflecting her pride as a 'farm girl'.

Kristof Mangelschots, our HR Manager, carefully selected three standout flavours during his experiments in the atelier. Lemongrass for its fresh, versatile appeal; goji berry, symbolizing the passion and strength of our teams; and Ras el Hanout, a North-African spice mix, evoking memories of our magical company trip to Marrakesh last year.

We hope you enjoy this gift as much as we relished crafting it. Thank you for your trust. Here's to a sparkling 2024 and to the continuation of our incredible partnership!